1. pppwme_11320_1991565379.jpg
    3PW12951XBaby Hooded Fleece Jacket
    Hooded jacket made from pleasantly soft fleece fabric with fitted single jersey pockets.
  2. pppwme_11323_772704070.jpg
    3PW12932XBaby Vrooooom Longsleeve
    Striped long-sleeve top with large appliquéd motif. Practical press-stud fastener.
  3. pppwme_11315_215414514.jpg
    3PW12923XBaby Fleece Pants
    Pants to match the hoodie with enough room for baby-mounted fluid restraint systems.
  4. pppwme_11312_1622158860.jpg
    3PW12907XBaby Youth Against Slow Body
    Long-sleeve baby-grow for those first few miles. Easy-to-operate nappy mechanics, even for those with unrefined motor skills. Knitted stripes.
  5. pppwme_11308_2096229794.jpg
    3PW129050Baby Socks
    Maximum grip at the very limit: Baby socks with anti-slip soles for racers aged 9-12 months.
  6. pppwme_11304_1564168441.jpg
    3PW12904XBaby Tights
    High-end racing: Maximum grip with minimum aerodynamic resistance. Colourful tights with anti-slip print on the sole.
  7. pppwme_11307_254877916.jpg
    3PW12903XBaby Racing Body 2012
    Official outfit for racers of the future: Long-sleeve romper suit with practical, easy-entry, press-stud fastener.
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