1. pppwme_11327_801548241.jpg
    3PW129810Baby Goggles Beanie
    Baby helmet with printed offroad goggles.
  2. pppwme_11305_597921991.jpg
    3PW129020Baby Dirt Splash Guard
    Baby bib with appropriate "In dirt we trust" print. Conveniently reversible.
  3. pppwme_11301_1727450124.jpg
    3PW127600Baby Teething Ring
    Soft biting toy for small children. Filled with water so that the bite-ring can also be used cooled (e.g. when teething). Guaranteed BPA-free.
  4. pppwme_11299_1285099626.jpg
    3PW127570Wood Bike
    Stable wooden motorbike made from pine. Rounded edges, part-painted. Approx. 14 x 9.5 cm.
  5. pppwme_11298_855857334.jpg
    3PW127560Baby Mobile
    You're lying there defenceless and all you get to see is little clouds and flowers. But it doesn't have to be that way! Colourful wooden mobile without the clouds and flowers. Approx. 35 cm wide.
  6. Baby Feeder
    3PW127510Baby Feeder
    Learn-to-drink beaker with cap. Quality product, guaranteed BPA-free.
  7. pppwme_691_1488828311.jpg
    3PW119060Baby Towel
    Bath towel with integrated hood, approx. 75 cm x 75 cm. 100% cotton terry towelling with all-over print.
  8. pppwme_9866_349301016.jpg
    3PW117500Racer Duck
    Offroad fun for young and old: rubber duck with exemplary safety features, approx. 10 cm tall.
    1. pppwme_9868_1433671192.jpg
      3PW117490Puzzle Bike
      Now anyone over two years old can build their own KTM. And as often as they like: 11-piece wooden puzzle, approx. 21 cm x 12 cm.
    2. pppwme_9881_1731662730.jpg
      3PW117470X-Bow RC 1:20
      Even youngsters can drive this one. Remote-controlled X-BOW with just as much fun and action as the original. Big kids not excluded.
    3. pppwme_679_516184477.jpg
      3PW117400Baby Silencer Kit
      Dummy ribbon for attaching to clothes and dummies. Reliably prevents loss of the "KTM Mini Pro Silencer", which can lead to a sudden increase in noise levels. An ideal accessory for the original KTM d ...
    4. pppwme_861_1433277214.jpg
      3PW117240Racetrack Chair Kids
      Comfortable folding chair with large print for kids. Supplied with an easy-to-carry pack bag.
    5. pppwme_675_158027749.jpg
      3PW117160Tool Box
      Make an early start: Sturdy wooden toolbox with 15 compartments, approx. 30 cm x 12 cm x 125 cm cm.
    6. pppwme_677_1149142317.jpg
      3PW117150Powerpaint Painting Book
      Painting book with pictures from the world of KTM. So be sure to stock up on orange felt tips! A4, 28 pages.
    7. pppwme_680_1322647069.jpg
      The ultimate "tuning" part and typically KTM: Just turn the handle and the engine starts to roar. Fits to all standard bicycle and scooter handlebars. For young children and big kids. Purely mechanical ...
    8. pppwme_676_2093986626.jpg
      Official race mascot: Team Teddy made from plush fabric by environmentally friendly means, approx. 26 cm tall, freestanding, washable up to 30 °C.
      1. pppwme_678_1173814919.jpg
        3PW107070Baby Bottle
        The Super Premium fast refuelling station. With silicone teat and transport lock. Guaranteed BPA-free.
      2. pppwme_662_1448391575.jpg
        3PW097300Kids Training Bike 10
        Plastic balance bike with height-adjustable saddle. For children aged 2 to 5 years. By pushing with one foot and then with the other, children learn to keep their balance when moving and also to ride ...
      3. pppwme_667_1770653477.jpg
        The "KTM MINI PRO SILENCER SYSTEM" is based on a simple principle: mouth open - dummy in - peace and quiet (sometimes at least). High-quality, silicone dummy, size 2 (for 3 months and older), double pack. ...
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